How may I donate?

You may donate through the Philippine Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity by going to CokeURL.com/RebuildPH and click the donate button of your preferred organization.

How may I volunteer?

Please visit www.CokeURL.com/RebuildPH and click volunteer now. As soon as Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity has an activity at your preferred venue or require your special skill, we will send you an email with all the necessary information.

I don't have an email. How can I sign up?

An email is required to sign up. This is to prevent people from signing up others without their consent. You may create an email for free using any email service.

How may I share my small act of kindness?

Please visit www.CokeURL.com/RebuildPH and click Share Your Story.

Are you going to show how much you were able to collect?

Monetary and/or in-kind donations are directly received by the Philippine Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Coca-Cola Philippines, as a partner of these two organizations, assists in raising awareness and public participation to support these relief agencies. For more information, go to CokeURL.com/RebuildPH.

Do you accept in-kind donations?

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and Habitat for Humanity accept in-kind donations. You may directly send your donations to PRC at the Red Cross National Headquarters, Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila 1018, Philippines / (02) 527-0000; or call Habitat for Humanity at (02) 846-2177. You may also do volunteer work by signing up at CokeURL.com/RebuildPH. A complete list of venues are available in the website.

Will you provide shelter or food for the volunteers?

Specific questions on the volunteer work may be coursed directly through Habitat for Humanity at (02) 846-2177 or Philippine Red Cross at (02) 527-0000.

Up to when may we volunteer?

Volunteers are always welcome at the Philippine Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. At present, Coca-Cola Philippines continues to call for public participation until further notice. We will inform through our Facebook page or through CokeURL.com/RebuildPH for any updates.

Is there a minimum donation?

There is no minimum requirement for donations. Any amount would go a long way to help. No act is too small.

Can we register as a group?

We are open to accepting more volunteers! If you and your friends are interested, please have them register at CokeURL.com/RebuildPH.

How long will the volunteers stay?

Our partners are open to accommodate as many volunteers as possible. For those who would like to devote more days for volunteer work, you may express interest directly to Habitat for Humanity at (02) 846-2177 or Philippine Red Cross at (02) 527-0000.

Which government agencies are your partners?

For this rebuilding effort, Coca-Cola Philippines has partnered with two non-government organizations: The Philippine Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Are you going to assign us to specific locations?

Upon registration, you will be asked for your preferred volunteer site or if you wish to be included in the pool of volunteers. Specific details on the volunteer work schedule and venues will be communicated to you separately through an email from Social_CokePH@Coca-Cola.com

Are you going to provide the volunteers with equipment?

Habitat for Humanity will be providing the tools for individual volunteers. It is however encouraged that volunteers bring their own personal items such as clothes, water, toiletries, and other necessities during the rebuilding initiatives.

Will there be medical personnel available?

The safety of all the volunteers are important to the organizations. Specifically, the team leader of The Philippine Red Cross, as well as members of its organization, are part of a Safety Services program that includes training in First Aid, Basic Life Support, etc.

Can I bring someone who didn't sign up on the website?

The Philippine Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity encourage everyone to register at CokeURL.com/rebuildPH.